The US Government “shutdown” as of Midnight, Friday, 1/19/2018, and it was a non-event as far as the market was concerned, when the shutdown was imminent at the close.

Of course, this is not the first time and is becoming, for most of us, a wearisome negotiating tactic on the part of those we elected and sent to run things. But, this is not a political blog, but rather a market newsletter, so I’ll restrain myself and stick to the main topic.

In the video (bottome of this page) I show a super interesting chart that shows the historical response of the market to past “shut downs” of the Federal Government. If you want to know what to expect at the market open on Monday, 1/22/2018, be sure and watch.

In the video, I also review a great article by CNN Money that explores what could possibly trigger a pullback in the market. Good solid thinking and I think they ID the correct things to watch for.

I also discuss the next FOMC (Fed Open Market Committee) meeting and some great trade ideas related to any new interest rate announcements, which could come as soon as 1/31/18.

Be sure to watch and make your comments on this page. I look forward to the discussion!

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