I hear a lot of market commentators giving authoritative sounding reasons for what the market is doing, and what it should do next.

These explanations typically get into the complex intra-market correlations of; the price of Oil, interest rates, the impact of tariffs, the supply of precious metals, the strength of the US Dollar and so on.

These explanations sound like someone analyzing a “Rube Goldberg Machine” and explaining why each piece is there and how it all fits together.

But it’s nonsense of course! A Rube Goldberg machine is intentionally over-complex and none of the parts make sense.

It is as if the market were a complex machine, with moving parts that have a specific purpose, that work together in a predictable way with a predictable outcome. It is not!

There is a simple way to observe the market, to understand what actually is happening, and to participate in a probable outcome.

In the latest video, I give an update on my analysis of what is actually happening and what to watch for next.

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